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Thai Curry Cashews
Servings: 6-8

Raw Food Recipe - Thai Curry Cashews“We love this one and developed it by trial and error … others make this one quite well to and we wanted to try our own version, which we love!.”


  1½ lbs (dry) Organic raw cashews


  ¼ Cup
1/8 Cup
1 Tbsp
½ Tsp
2 Tsp
½ Cup
1/8 Cup
Organic raw blue agave
Organic coconut oil
Organic curry spices
Organic ginger (mashed)
Organic turmeric
Organic lemon juice
Organic psyllium seed powder


  ½ Cup
½ Cup
2 Tsp
2 Tsp
Organic coconut
Organic coconut palm sugar
Organic red chilies
Himalayan (or sea) crystal salt

Soak and sprout cashews for 6 hours and drain.  Dehydrate uncoated nuts for 12 hours. 

Mix marinade ingredients.  And the cashews and coat well.  Transfer the coated cashews to another bowl containing the coating.  Stir/toss to coat well.  Add additional psyllium to achieve desired consistency.

Dehydrate for another 12 hours and test.  105 degrees dehydrator temperature.