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Welcome to our Home!

Arizona raw foods retreat centerWe have been in the White Mountains of Arizona for 7 years creating a special place we call Tunatyava, which is a Hopi word meaning ‘hoped-for-coming-into-reality.’  Verbs in the Hopi language do not orient towards a particular tense connected to the past-present-future timeline.  Their language exists in the present tense.  Tunatyava is a word representing the concept of dreams and reality as ‘present-now-becoming’. The underlying thought is that of life as a conscious passionate vision in a continuum of dynamic manifestation. We felt this was symbolic of the vision and passion that we feel for our home.

The land itself here feels alive. Ancient artifacts and rock glyphs from the Anasazi can be found nearby. We live just a short drive from the Apache reservation and their sacred mountains. We feel a strong sense of community and connection with others in this place.

We have a fully equipped raw foods kitchen and organic farming operation. Many of the foods that we eat during our stay grow right here on our property. Enjoy full use of the spa facilities and healing therapies that are available to all retreat participants.

Our home is our ongoing exploration of the potential of how people can live … it comes alive when we have others here to share this with. We welcome you to our home!


Read about our different projects:

Heart of the Initiate

Shamanic Retreat MalocaHeart of the Initiate offers shamanic tours to south America where we help people make sacred inner journeys through an intensive workshop experience. Our workshops combine a very unique alchemy and healing process between human beings and nature.


Ralph Miller

Ralph MillerRalph studied science and engineering at Colorado State University and business at Regis University.

A successful travel agency owner for more than 15 years, Ralph’s passion for travel included a fascination for sacred sites. This thirst compelled Ralph to visit many metaphysical 'hot-spots' throughout the world. His travels have included several Mayan sites in Mexico, the Egyptian pyramids, the Druidic standing stones in the Hebrides and ancient burial mounds in Scandinavia.

Through his own journey and his travels, he discovered that humans express true spirituality from the heart, and that the heart is the doorway to the divine.

Ralph founded Heart of the Initiate in 2000, inspired by his dedication to lift up those who seek to expand their heart energy. Ralph and his associates introduced a life-changing experience through an experiential workshop.


Marina Jessop

Marina JessopThe strongest desire of a person is to live a healthy, happy and inspired life. One of the keys to good health is a body in which the nutrients circulate adequately and the toxins can be expelled easily. Massage, in conjunction with essential oils, exerts an important function in the cleanliness and maintenance of a healthy body.

Included during each week is one massage to help restore and rebalance your body back to its original suppleness.

We would like to introduce Marina Jessop.  We met Marina a few years ago because she was referred to us by a friend.  Our friend couldn’t say enough good about her. She has lived in the White Mountains for most of her life. In addition to massage, Marina is a Yoga instructor and an Iridologist. We are very happy that Marina has agreed to help us with some of our workshops this year!

Joy Light

Joy Love LightJoy Light is our conduit to Eden Hot Springs; a very special place in Southern Arizona that we have heard about for over a decade. She gratefully serves as a Priestess of the Garden of Eden. “My life forever transformed the first time I stepped foot on the land of Eden Hot Springs. I knew, from this moment on nothing would ever be the same… and I embrace it!”  For the past six years, Joy has organized life transforming retreats at Eden Hot Springs for thousands of guests, bringing together the top speakers, educators, healers and chefs from around the globe.  Her devotion to this land and its inhabitants assists her in creating a safe, fun and sacred space where individual and collective paradigm shifts can occur. Joy Light is co-producer of Epic Eden and the Temple of Eden.

“Let the waters wash you clean, nurture you in the deepest way and fill you back up with complete peace and love.  As Steward's of this land, we are committed to providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment where life transforming experiences can happen with grace and ease."