Transformations by Ambrosia Rae
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Art of Transformations - Eden Hot Springs
Tunatyava Retreat, Linden, Arizona
Coming Soon 2012

$780.00 - 5 Night Retreat (read details)
$745.00 - Camping Option


We invite you to our home to explore your deepest creativity. Feel the openness of being with others who seek to bring transformation into their own lives. With each other we will begin to rebuild these bridges that connect us back with ourselves, with our land and with each other.

Arizona raw foods retreat centerThis retreat is hands on so get ready to work, play and be vibrant! The first 3 days of the retreat is set at our home, Tunatyava Retreat. It is close, personal and real. Our hope is to inspire you to create your own sacred living space in your own home, and in your own community. We will experience music while we plant seeds into the earth, movement of our body during sacred ceremony, the brilliant color of food while we prepare delicious raw organic meals. With our whole being we will experience this reconnection with each other.

We end the intensive with 2-day safari to Eden Hot Springs.  This very private spot is beyond special!  There is a certain energy and destiny that is carried here that moves the evolution of consciousness. 


There are 7 bridges to consciousness. Our unhindered approach to these bridges allows us to completely know or be who we are! Take a moment to notice the themes that are associated with each of the bridges.


Arizona Retreat - Quartz Crystal Singing BowlsWhen people begin to incorporate these sacred practices into their lives the gap that people feel with themselves and with each other closes. We realize that we are all interconnected. New relationships begin to emerge and the very way that we interact with each other redefines itself. People work together in collaborative relationships and in sacred communities. We work together to sustain each other.

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Eden Hot Springs - Thermal BathsWe end the intensive with a 2-day safari to Eden Hot Springs in Southern Arizona. This very private spot is beyond special!  There is a certain energy and destiny that is carried here that moves the evolution of consciousness. 

This place of rejuvenation brings together all the elements that are essential to your well being: pure food, healing water, sunshine, earth, fresh air and a sense of connection with close friends. You will have the opportunity to connect with nature and soak in any of the seven geothermal hot spring pools.

For our two night safari we will camp in style and simple elegance. We have large tents each shared with two people that we set up with single mattresses and linens. The property also has a large tent structure for gatherings, dance and yoga. We will be very comfortable and close with nature.

“Let the waters wash you clean, nurture you in the deepest way and fill you back up with complete peace and love.  As Steward's of this land, we are committed to providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment where life transforming experiences can happen with grace and ease."

Joy Love LightEden is co-created by many community leaders who have all personally experienced great transformation on the land and in the healing waters of the hot springs. Joy Light is our conduit to Eden Hot Springs and our guide. For the past six years, she has organized life transforming retreats her for thousands of guests, bringing together many speakers, educators, healers and chefs from around the globe.

By creating a close connection with the natural world we will remember the healing power of the earth. Our body responds to these forces and we find that we naturally begin to let go of any tension that we are holding on to.


As we ourselves began to explore more meaningful ways of living, our home and our lives began to take a different form. By shedding old restrictive ways of living, more dynamic new ways began to emerge. Our home began to feel like a canvas for this expression. Suddenly a home began to feel more like a sacred space or a temple.

People used to live in a way that integrated these 7 different bridges into every aspect of their daily lives. Indigenous cultures live closer to the natural world and are more integrated into their natural world. Song, art and movement are a part of their daily work and routine. Community and ceremony are held in high importance along with work and play. All aspects of these different elements exist in balance and in a natural flow or cadence to their lives. This is simply the expression of human consciousness.

Arizona Retreat - Sacred DrumThe land itself here feels alive. Ancient artifacts and rock glyphs from the Anasazi can be found nearby. We live just a short drive from the Apache reservation and their sacred mountains. We feel a strong sense of community and connection with others in this place.

We have a fully equipped raw foods kitchen and organic farming operation. Many of the foods that we eat during our stay grow right here on our property. Enjoy full use of the spa facilities and healing therapies that are available to all retreat participants.

Our home is our ongoing exploration of the potential of how people can live … it comes alive when we have others here to share this with!


Massage, Bodywork, Yoga - Marina JessopOur retreat center offers a variety of spa facilities to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. It is important to heal and nurture all aspects of who we are. By moving our physical bodies, we are able to relax our mind and emotions. All aspects of our self are inter-connected. Please relax and enjoy our spa; make yourself right at home.

On staff with us is Marina Jessop who will be offering her services of bodywork, massage, iridology and yoga instruction. Included for each retreat participant is one 60 minute massage session with Marina. She brings over 15 years of experience in many different healing modalities and has a true kindness in helping people reconnect with their body.

Here are some of our spa facilities for you to enjoy:

Massage/Bodywork - One 60 minute session is included for each participant. Marina offers a variety of different massage and bodywork techniques and will discuss with each person the best way to work on their body.

Massage, Bodywork, Yoga - Marina JessopIridology - Iridology is a technique to observe the patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris in order to determine information about a patient's systemic health. Iridologists see the eyes as "windows" into the body's state of health. Sessions are available with Marina by request.

Outdoor Jacuzzi - Our outdoor jacuzzi is available for use anytime. It is heated to 105°F (40°C) and is overlooking the tall pines on our property. Our recommendation is to warm up and relax in the evening under the canopy of stars!

Steam Shower - We have an indoor personal steam shower. It heats up to 120°F (50°C) and is perfect for healing any respiratory issues. Inhale essential oil vapor deeply into your lungs as all the muscles in your body release their tension and relax.

Chi Machine - The Chi Machine enables the body to gently move from side to side in a figure Chi Machine for Lymphatic Circulationeight motion. This maximizes the body's natural absorption of oxygen and circulates the lymphatic system. The body has two circulatory systems, one for blood and the other for lymph. Blood is circulated by the heart, whereas the lymph is circulated by physical exercise. If the lymph does not circulate then toxins can build up in the body's tissues.

Aromatherapy - Throughout our home we have essential oils and aromatherapy vaporizers. Our sense of smell is the most powerful of our five physical senses, capable of detecting even the most subtle of changes in the air. We have a Lavender Farm nearby that produces the highest quality medicinal grade lavender oil, second only the high altitude mountain regions of France.


The importance of consuming uncooked fruits and vegetables cannot be understated. Cooked food is depleted of enzymes (the ‘living’ aspect of raw food) and phyto-nutrients. Simply put, viable enzymes in uncooked food are essential to digestion, nutrient transport to the cells, and are literally the energy conductors to our body. Cooking food essentially ‘kills’ natural enzymes. Phyto-nutrients are natural bio-active compounds found in fruits and vegetables essential to healthy living.

We incorporate the philosophy that a raw, uncooked living vegan diet can transform a person’s physical state of wellness and energy no matter what their current diet is. We believe that living food is for everyone!

Raw vegan food lasagneSample Menu:

Breakfast: Raw muesli, green juice, wheatgrass
Lunch: Nut pate wraps w/ sprouts, dehydrated kale chips
Dinner: Raw tacos, curry corn salsa, green salad w/ tahini ginger dressing
Juices & Smoothies: green juice, pear kiwi lime, carrot ginger beet

You will learn that raw food is not necessarily restrictive … raw food is exciting! There will be food preparation and demonstrations in our kitchen. All of our fruits and vegetables are organic, much of it locally grown in season. In addition to meals we will have fresh juices, smoothies and snacks throughout the day. You will not go hungry!


Workshop Cost: $780.00 in house, $745.00 camping

This 5-Night Workshop (Thursday–Tuesday) includes:

  • 5 nights accommodation; in house rooms on first come first serve; 6 spaces in guest rooms, 4 spaces for camping are available
  • Delicious all raw vegan meals and juices of fresh organic food
  • One 60 minute massage and bodywork session
  • Daily demonstrations on gourmet raw food preparation, juicing, and natural diet
  • Activities including yoga, color and art design, music, and sacred ceremony
  • Bound workbook to get you started; sections on raw living foods, some our favorite recipes, articles, and other information on organic farming and natural living
  • Airport pickup on Friday and drop off on Tuesday from Phoenix airport

You are welcome to stay a couple of nights before and/or after for $75/night per person, includes accommodation and all meals.

Arrival & Departure: Plan to arrive on Thursday and depart on Tuesday; if you are staying additional days communicate with us about your plans.

Transportation: Cost of flights or other travel is not included but we can help organize flights to Phoenix with an optional regional flight directly to Show Low; drive from Phoenix is a scenic 3 hour drive; we will make one airport pickup and drop off by shared van.


We are located in Linden, Arizona (next to Show Low pop. 11,000), a small town located in the White Mountains (3 hours northeast of Phoenix).

Arizona retreat center mapThe White Mountains of Arizona remain a best-kept-secret travel destination with ample year round activities. Our place is at 6,300 ft elevation on 4½ acres of tall pines (very secluded).

If you want to take a day trip we are a few hours away from many attractions to see in the area: Sedona/Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, Navajo Canyon de Chelly, Apache Mt. Baldy hiking & camping, Hopi petroglyphs, Anasazi cliff dwellings, Red Rocks Lavender Farm, Alpaca Ranch, and many other places.


Art of Transformations
Tunatyava Retreat, Linden, Arizona

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