Transformations by Ambrosia Rae
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Interview with Dave
DaveOur close friend shares about his experiences on our first retreat in May 2011. He offers his insights for anyone interested in this transformational experience.
Interview 10:36
"The value of the weekend was astronomical ... it helps you get in tune with yourself. It gives people a taste of what the raw foods diet is all about." - Dave P., Tucson, Arizona


Sanskrit Gayatri MantraGayatri Mantra music by Peter Keogh & Serge Fiori
Download and Purchase Gayatri Mantra from their website
Gayatri Mantra 23:28
"Hindu texts explain that repetition of selected Sanskrit words results in a person’s life breath (Prana) generating a hot and cold current in the ida (cold) and pingla (hot) subtle nerves of the spine. This Prana is circulated up and down the spine, thereby magnetizing it. With the right pronunciation of the mantra, each syllable of sound sets up a vibratory resonance throughout the spine, awakening each of the chakras, or energy centers of the spine."
Read Article Gayatri Mantra by Ralph Miller For Instructions and Explanation >


Music by Warinei Wanare
Shaman Music - Ayahuasca Shaman Playing DrumWarinei and his assistant Sara Ñusta play music all night long during their South American ceremonies. It is said that the shaman sings the sickness away. The shaman's world is a world of subtle communication with the natural forces that operate behind our physical world. When we listen to the shaman's song we remember a time when we too knew how to access these forces within ourselves.
01 Prayers 9:43 Download  
02 Hang Percussion Drum 8:16 Download  
03 Lakota Songs 11:26 Download Shaman Music - Hang Drum
04 Flute 5:28 Download
05 Harmonica 7:59 Download
06 Hang Percussion Drum 14:10 Download
Listen to the Hang Drum recorded during our Colombia Retreats. This magical instrument is a very rare percussion drum. Its sound is extraordinary.


Sounds of Creation - Valley of the Rising Sun
"In the center of the universe she sang. In the midst of the waters she sang. In the midst of heaven she sang. In the center she sang. Her singing made all the worlds. The worlds of the spirits. The worlds of the people. The worlds of the creatures. The words of the gods. In this way she separated the quarters. Singing, she separated. Upon the face of heaven she placed her song. Upon the face of water she placed her song. Thus she placed her song. Thus she placed her will. Thus she wove her design. Thus sang the Spider. Thus she thought." -Laguna Pueblo Native American Indian myth creation story

The Hawk: Mark Isham & Marianne Faithfull
"Got to make your own rules, child,
Got to break your own chains.
Your dreams that possess you
Can blossom and bless you
Or run you insane."

Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World
Intended as an antidote for the increasingly racially and politically charged climate of everyday life in the United States, What A Wonderful World has a hopeful, optimistic tone with regard to the future, with reference to children being born into the world with much to look forward to.

Louis Daniel Armstrong was an American jazz trumpeter and singer from New Orleans, Louisiana.



Spiritual High (State Of Independence) by Moodswings
Shaman Music - Ayahuasca Shaman Playing DrumThis album is self described as "Aural medication for tired minds" and it doesn't dissapoint. James Hood of Moodswings is a friend of Ralph's from a decade ago. We have played their music for years during our retreats to create a soft mood and ambiance for our guests. On State of Independence, Chrissie Hynde performs the vocals and captures the interconnectedness we feel within each other's hearts. In this state we are truly free.

Butterfly by Ryan David Orr
Mordred the Quarter Known
Shaman Music - Ayahuasca Shaman Playing DrumThis song, from Orr's latest project and album Mordred the Quarter Known, hits very close to home for us. He is a resident of the White Mountains of Arizona where we live. A close friend and fellow musician introduced his album to us. We were touched by his talent and soulful lyrics. We felt the song Butterfly embodies the feeling of humanity's brave journey through struggle and self transformation.


Natural Great Peace by Rigpa
Shaman Music - Ayahuasca Shaman Playing DrumWords spoken by Soygal Rinpoche, inspired by a poem by Nyoshul Ken Rinpoche, music written and performed by Richard Page; this piece is an absolute treasure. Unfortunately this single mini-CD is unavailable and out of distribution. We were originally introduced to Natural Great Peace by our friend Colin who played it over and over about 20 times in a row. Listening to the words each time revealed deeper truth.

“Rigpa is a Tibetan word, which in general means ‘intelligence’ or ‘awareness’. In Dzogchen, however, the highest teachings in the Buddhist tradition of Tibet, rigpa has a deeper connotation, ‘the innermost nature of the mind’. The whole of the teaching of Buddha is directed towards realizing this, our ultimate nature, the state of omniscience or enlightenment – a truth so universal, so primordial that it goes beyond all limits, and beyond even religion itself." Sogyal Rinpoche