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Almond Garlic Snack Crackers
Makes about 200 crackers

Raw Food Recipe - Almond Garlic Snack Crackers“Ralph invented this one through trial and error which paid off? This snack is jam packed with a bunch of strong flavors. The garlic, onion combo is good heart medicine! 6 workshop participants a few weeks ago ate around 500 of these in 3 days! Wonderfully addicting!”


  2 lbs (dry)
1 lb (dry)
Organic raw almonds
Organic raw sunflower seeds


  3 Medium
1 Bunch
1 Bunch
2 Medium
12-16 Cloves
¼ Cup
Organic red bell peppers
Organic parsley (remove stems)
Organic cilantro (remove stems)
Organic yellow onion
Organic garlic
Organic ground cumin

Soak almonds and sunflower seeds for 12 hours and drain and put into a large bowl.  Chop red bell pepper and yellow onion into small pieces and mix with the nuts.  Put the nut/bell pepper/onion mix through a twin-gear juicer (with blank for pate) and convert mixture to pate.

Garlic, Parsley leaves and cilantro may be processed (separately) with ‘S’ blade in a food processor. Finely chop each one.  Transfer garlic/parsley/cilantro along with cumin to the nut pate and thoroughly mix.  Using the palm of your hand and a rubber spatula form small ‘discs’ and transfer to dehydrator tray.

Dehydrate for 12 hours and test.  105 degrees dehydrator temperature.